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Planet on a Plate

Adventures in Conscious Eating

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Exploring food and the consequences of what we eat: for ourselves, for other humans and animals and for the planet.

An Introduction to this journal

"Eating is a political act," I read recently. And I had to think that yes, it really is. Whether consciously or not, what we eat and how we eat it can have an effect people and ecological systems on the other side of the planet.

There's no dearth of food, and yet 1/6th ( approx. 1 billion) of the world's population is either malnourished or starving. The Amazon rain forrest is being destroyed in part to raise cattle for meat-hungry populations (mainly in the U.S.). The fossil fuels expended to import and export food is helping to fuel a global climate crisis. Industrial farming techniques are building up dangerous levels of toxins in the environment and depleting top soil. These are just a few examples of how much our food choices affect the planet and all it's inhabitants.

I have two current goals for this journal. One is to serve the public with information to educate and help others make informed decisions about their food choices. The other is to improve my own dietary and ecological eating habits.

Informative articles and info from others is welcome, and I will credit you in this journal.